Customs services

De Koperen Ploeg W.A. takes care of clearance of the T1 and Ex a. If required we kindly ask you to indicate your request on the shipstores order form. If nothing is mentioned on the form or e-mail de Koperen Ploeg takes non responsibility for the custom documents.


As a result of the wishes of the European Community (EC) to increase security at the external borders and to strengthen the internal market of the EC, all member states have to ensure that customs processes are geared to each other.

One of the concrete consequences of this desire is the Export Control System (ECS). With ECS Outgoing the European Customs Authorities can control whether exactly the same goods that have been stated in the export declaration also actually have left the EC. Should this control be lacking, or should it be unclear as to whether the goods have passed through the EC´s external borders, then it is assumed that the goods have been brought into free circulation within the EC. This does not only have consequences for customs aspects but the declarant can also yet be faced with a VAT demand and maybe even a fine. Since June 2007 the Export Control System (ECS) has been phased into use. In the first case that was only applicable for indirect export, (export where the actual export (the departure) took place in another member state country than where the declaration for export was made). Later direct export was also included.

As of 1 July 2009 all export declarations must be submitted electronically.

You still make your export customs declarations by entering the export invoice into your own administration (with the local clearing procedure licence (domproc) for export)? Or do you use the Single Document?

As from 1 July 2009 the Customs authority will no longer permit this. As from that date, all export declarations must be made electronically. This means that you must take timely measures to ensure that your export activities don’t stagnate! Additionally, since 1 December 2007 all declarations have to be submitted in the new Export Control System (ECS). This system electronically books out your declarations, following which you receive an electronic report, namely the Confirmation of Exit (CoE). With the CoE you are able to prove to the Customs authorities and the Tax authorities that your goods have indeed exited from the European Community. However, when you make use of the so-called domproc, no CoE will be issued. You then cannot prove that your goods have actually left the European Community, which can result in problems arising. It is even possible that the Customs authorities and the Tax authorities will assume that your shipment has not been brought outside the Community!